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The Aromatek Odour Neutraliser is the only safe and permanent method to eliminate malodours such as; cigarette smoke, animal smells, damp and stale odours from any enclosed space.

A permanent solution to in-vehicle odours, the system uses dry vapour produced from 32 chemically enhanced natural oils designed to neutralise and permanently remove malodours such as those produced by tobacco smoke, animals and food. Unlike conventional air-fresheners that just cover-up the smell, the dry vapour produced by the system penetrates deep into all porous surfaces inside the vehicle including the air conditioning system to completely remove the source of the malodours. Once the process is complete the doors can be opened to reveal a natural smelling interior with no traces or residue anywhere to be seen, eliminating the need to re-valet the interior.

Aromatek deodorise machine

Two hours using the odour neutraliser

When your car needs a general freshen up

Four hours using the odour neutraliser

For the more intense odours

Add the air freshener capsule for a further 30 minutes to leave a long lasting and particular scent to the vehicle.  

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